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Perfect Weekend 3 Hours From Sydney

Being out in nature is a wonderful experience whether you are enjoying time alone, with friends, or with your entire family. The beautiful environment that surrounds River Myall is perfect for anyone who wants to become one with nature, and experience a bit of wildlife. The river that surrounds the camping resort offers the opportunity to sit and spot several species of animals that are commonly seen in this camping resort. Sit at your campsite and gaze out into the water for hours on end to have an opportunity to see some pretty special wildlife in the River Myall.  

Our sunsets here are spectacular with mountains in the foreground and the sun setting behind it - natures colour palette at its best!

While there may be many camping areas Mid North Coast has to offer, few camping areas give people the opportunity to spot wildlife in the water as well as on land. The camp sites offered at BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort give people the opportunity to see several species of birds along the water - an enthusiastic guest has the count at 27! Often, guests will have the opportunity to see pelicans dive and swoop into the water for their meal. There is also the chance that our guests will have the opportunity to see possums or wallabies in the area. Whether you prefer to be active, swimming and floating in the river, or simply want to sit and admire the surrounding nature, the BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort has what you are searching for. Become surrounded with nature and have the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife.

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