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Our Dog Park offers a fantastic space where pooches can run wild, play to their heart's content and socialise with their canine buddies. This securely fenced doggy paradise ensures a haven for wagging tails and joyful frolics.


Pets are warmly welcomed on all of our Caravan and Camping Sites. However, we kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with our pet policy before making your booking. 

Please abide by the following rules when using our Dog Park:

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to enter the area.

  • Remember to keep the gate closed to prevent escape attempts.

  • All dogs must have current vaccinations.

  • Please pick up your pet's waste.

  • Aggressive dogs must be removed immediately.

  • Owners (over 16) must be in the dog park supervising their dog(s) at all times.

  • No food is allowed in the area.

  • Dogs on heat, aggressive, or sick are not permitted.

  • Use the park at your own risk; owners are solely liable for the actions of their dog(s).

  • Report any problems to the park manager.


Book your stay now and let your furry friend experience the joy of our Dog Park – where every bark is met with boundless excitement!

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Dog Park

After a long day of travel in the car, there's nothing quite like giving your furry friend the chance to stretch their legs and have some fun.

Pet Friendly : FAQ
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