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This great space has everything you need to create a good feed with a great view. Who doesn't love a quick and easy feed when on holidays?

The kitchen is fully equipped with:​​

  • Ovens and microwaves 

  • Gas cooktops 

  • Fridge 

  • Kettle and toaster

  • Sink 

  • Assorted cooking utensils


Use our modern kitchen to serve up a yummy feast for the whole family and once you've finished making your masterpiece, sit back and enjoy the beautiful river views out on the veranda or take a seat and relax in our comfortable Rec Room lounge area.

A friendly reminder when enjoying our Camp Kitchen and Rec Room space:

  • Please keep it clean for the next person to use. 

  • Be sure to wipe down any surfaces you have used.

  • Please return all cooking utensils and leave equipment in the same clean and working condition. 

  • Be mindful of other visitors. 

  • Try to limit your time in the kitchen during peak hours.

To see where our Camp Kitchen and Rec Room is located, take a look at our park map.

Pet Friendly : Pro Gallery

Camp Kitchen and Rec Room

Come and relax out on the deck around our modern Camp Kichen and Rec Room!

Pet Friendly : FAQ
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