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Environmentally Friendly 

Additional electricity costs explained

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We are environmentally friendly


River Myall Holiday Park is proud to be environmentally friendly and a leader in making eco-friendly decisions.


The decision and commitment to reduce the park’s carbon footprint has been made to protect the environment for current and future generations and we encourage guests to actively commit to reducing their environmental impact when here.

Additional electricity costs explained

  • Caravan and camping sites can be used as powered or unpowered.

  • Three different site options are priced based on size and the location in the park and can all be used as either powered or non-powered sites.  All sites are suitable for caravans, motorhomes or tents.  There are not separate areas in our park. This way, groups with different setups can still be together.

  • The park is equipped with the latest technology, meaning each site is individually metered and guests only pay for what they use.

  • Thanks to the new technology of the power meters, this is priced at .34c/kw hr and is charged on departure. An average caravan set-up running a fridge and air-con each day averages $1.90 per day but take into account the age of a van, the mod cons included, the time spent in the van and the time of year will impact the total cost.

Usually, guests are pleasantly surprised at the final cost and we encourage guests to call and discuss their set up where our team are able to estimate the electricity cost.

How the park reduces the environmental impact

Over 140 parks across Australia have chosen to implement the system of guests only paying for what electricity they use. This encourages guests to think about usage and it raises much needed awareness of what isn’t necessary 24/7 such as air conditioning or heating, hot water for washing up and showering. Heating, air conditioning, lights, appliances etc all come together to form energy use. Those who use more pay more, those that use less pay less, ensuring a fairer system for all guests.

  • Caravan and camping sites can be used as either powered or unpowered. This means guests only pay for what they use.

  • Solar street lighting throughout the park.

  • LED’s used throughout the buildings.

  • Sensors in the park amenities so lights are not left on when not in use.

  • Timers on lights so they are not on all night.

  • Water saving shower heads and toilets.

  • The recycling process includes separating cardboard, wine bottles, milk bottles, glass, and aluminium cans to save energy and reduce landfill.

  • Planted over 10,000 trees!

If you have any questions about other environmentally friendly measures you would like to recommend, please contact us.​

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