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Caravans, Camper Trailers, Motorhomes, Tents

You are all very welcome to stay!

No matter what type of adventure you are searching for, the team at BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort has it. We offer everything from a rugged camp site to five-star accommodations. If you are traveling to our area with your caravan, no worries at all. We have the ability to find a place for you to park and plug in. Our caravan parks at Bulahdelah offer metered electricity. This means that you will be able to plug in and enjoy some modern life amenities. For a normal caravan plugged into the meter running a refrigerator, electrical power, and air conditioning, the cost is usually about $2.50 per day (depending on your actual setup). This is a very reasonable cost for someone who wants to be one with nature, while still enjoying some comforts from home. Our metered power policy allows you to only pay for the power you consume, no more and no less.
For the overnight stays, our sites, although not drive through, are generous enough in size for you not to unhitch.
If you need a little help to back in, we are more than willing to offer assistance.
BIG4 Bulahdelah offers accommodations for many styles of campers. Caravans are more than welcome, and we will make every effort to reserve adjacent parking spaces if you are traveling with friends or family members. For those that prefer some modern day comforts, BIG4 Bulahdelah also offers modern day cabins. These cabins come in a number of sizes able to accommodate a couple, or an entire family. Further, we offer five-star accommodations at BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort, able to offer the finest housing for people who still want to vacation to Bulahdelah, but also enjoy some comforts they have grown accustomed to.

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