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Weekend 3 Hours From Sydney

Perfect Weekend 3 Hours From Sydney

The Myall River campground makes a perfect place for families and friends to reconnect. Something about being in nature, surrounded by all the beauty Bulahdelah has to offer, has a way of bringing people together. Our Myall River campground can be as rustic as you like, forcing people to unplug from the busy day to day life. There is plenty to keep you busy at the campground, simply by looking around and enjoying the surrounding nature. Between the abundant wildlife and activities the river gives guests, and the plentiful forestry surrounding the area, there is plenty to appeal to all tastes at this Myall River campground. Bring a friend, bring your family, and start reconnecting with your loved ones.

Enjoy some quality time with your family for the weekend. The BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort makes the perfect weekend 3 hours from Sydney. This is great for a simple Saturday and Sunday trip, or for a long weekend with the Friday or Monday tacked on too. Its close proximity to Sydney makes this a very reasonable trip for families with young children. A three-hour car trip is just long enough to get away from the tedious hustle and bustle of the city, while still being close enough to be connected and safe. Pack up the family and take a trek down to BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort. You will feel like you are in a rustic and remote setting, but will have the peace of mind knowing you are still close to the convenient comforts of home. Make one trip per year, or make it a regular occurrence. Your children will forever value the shared time and memories that are formed on beautiful River Myall.

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