Camping Myall River

Enjoy Camping Myall River

There is plenty to do when camping Myall River. Not only is there the entire river to play in and explore, but there is the surrounding area as well. While people are more than happy boating, fishing, and relaxing along the river, other visitors are searching for new opportunities to explore the surrounding area. The BIG4 River Myall resorts are close enough to still go to other surrounding area attractions. For our adventurous visitors, a popular place to travel to when staying at the River Myall resorts is the Myall Lakes National Park. This area is a well recognized and protected wetland sanctuary. Whether you prefer to explore the area by hiking or by boat, there are endless opportunities to get lost in nature and explore a bit of surrounding wildlife. Some available walking tracks will transport people to an Aboriginal gathering place, important to the Aboriginal people for over 4,000 years.

There is also the opportunity to take day trips from the various sites camping Myall River offers. These day trips are perfect for people who may be visiting the area for a longer duration and want something to break up the time spent along the river. A popular day trip is to take a dolphin or whale watching excursion. This trip can even be augmented with the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Further, there are various ferries available to visit nearby attractions and cities. Consult the local ferry timetable to start planning your day trip adventure. For the best camping Myall River has to offer, turn to BIG4 River Myall Holiday Resort. We have camping opportunities suitable for all styles of camping ranging from rugged campsites to five-star accommodations. Be comfortable and peaceful while exploring the surrounding natural beauty of the Myall River area.


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